I inspire leaders and teams to think differently, seize opportunities and create solutions

Inspiring en challenging

In order to have a sustainable impact we must think differently about solutions, the role leadership & companies play and also where we can make an impact.

I inspire and challenge businesses on board room and MT level. I support you during strategy sessions, challenge your evaluations and inspire in the search for new chances. I will ask the, sometimes hard, questions regarding the results, means and impact of the strategy, targets and execution.


Real impact with the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals will serve increasingly as a License to Act. Unfortunately, they are also increasingly being used for greenwashing not so sustainable strategies.

Which SDGs are actively pursued while doing business? How does it show?

I support you in making impactful choices and identifying communication opportunities. I also challenge you to think whether your solutions really address the issues, or just serve to limit your damage.

Real impact business has no quick fix solutions.

Talk the talk, online and on stage

On stage and online, I inspire and challenge leaders, companies and teams to actively make a positive impact.

With tailor made inspiration talks I make leaders think, show teams that they can have real impact and that a positive change is always possible!

  • No one is too small to have impact
  • Conducting impact business. But how?
  • How SDGs can (not) change the world
  • Regain your inspiration through impact
  • What is your role as leadership, and business, in society?
What an energy! Arjen inspires and really made me think differently about my role and responsibilities.
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