Strategic. Enthusiastic. Social. Combined with loads of experience and know-how.

That’s me, Arjen.

This is what I do.

I have been a Game Changer for more than 15 years!

Whether it is in the value chain, the rules of the game or strategy, I make leaders & organisations change their mind, see opportunities, look across borders in order to create practical solutions even when dealing with complex issues.

Armed with loads of enthusiasm I combine my strategic and social skills with my practical experience and knowledge. More than 7 years experience as Cocoa Game Changer within the core team of Tony's Chocolonely is hereby very useful.


How do I do it?

From interim management dealing with impact issues, and sidekick at strategy sessions, to challenger of rusty ideas and old habits at leadership-level & in organisations, I make sure that no-one feels too small to make an impact!

Seeing opportunities and make impactful connections, especially in complex situations is what I do best. Together we assess the challenges in order to make specific changes. I do this, if necessary, with a strong international network of experts in different field.

So where did I acquire the skills and know-how?

With years of experience at commercial companies, non-profits and international chains I have gained the experience and indepth knowledge to tackle multidisciplinary issues. I have a strong academic foundation with a Master’s in International Relations at the University of Groningen where I also teach part-time.

As the creator and founder of the Tony’s Chocolonely impact strategy I demonstrated how to combine an ambitious vision with practical execution. Some other examples are being a critical frontrunner with the implementation of sustainability initiatives (B-Corp, Fairtrade, Roundtables) and initiator of the first pilots for paying a living income in the cocoa sector.

With humor & great social skills, Arjen leads in finding innovative & impactful solutions
Willemijn Verloop
Founder War Child. Founder Social Enterprise NL; Co-Founder & Partner Rubio Impact Ventures