Looking back in ten years, did your company really make a difference?

don't know
Wow, you're doing well
As you already know; making a positive impact is the new normal!
And I’m here to speed up your impact
but how?
You are in the right place!
Because making a positive impact is the new normal.
And I can help you to start making a real impact.
but how?

Hi! My name is Arjen.

I inspire, support and challenge leaders & businesses that seek change.

People call me Game Changer

I have one mission

(sounds easy, right?)

Making solutions for societal, ethical and environmental issues part of your daily business.

I help you to accelerate your impact.

Sounds good! Tell me more


Why is that so important?

Impact entrepreneurship inspires your business

Companies that take a genuine interest in the external impact of their business thrive and last longer. An intrinsic impact motivation provides for motivated staff, loyal customers & a better client-supplier relationship. It forces your company to remain innovative and gives more satisfaction.

After all, who does not want to do business well?

Without genuine impact,
no real future

Whether it is the worldwide Sustainable Development Goals, EU regulations or local tenders, it is impossible anymore to avoid responsibility. Businesses that dodge their responsibility get negative press, have to deal with shareholder and consumer criticism or are even being sued.

Furthermore, they endanger their own future and the future of others with their lack of responsible entrepreneurship.

I can help you by:


I inspire so that people think differently, see opportunities, look across borders and create solutions.

Discover how I inspire


I support you to develop impactful leadership. And I assist from creating a long term strategy towards daily impact acceleration.

Discover how I assist

I make you change your perspective and see new opportunities!

suprise me!and back again

These companies and organisations have already been assisted in making a positive impact!

Highly confidential*

* Executives of international market leaders let me screen and challenge the impact and sustainability of their companies’ confidential long term strategies.
But this is what they want to say about me:
"I rate Arjen 9 /10 out of 10"
"He has great skills to make things practical while having a very good understanding of international systems & strategies."

I offer impact & inspiration talks online and on-stage.

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Let's change the game together

Together with a super strong network I assist to speed up your impact.

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